Posted by : Munish Gogna Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last night me, dharam paji and sanjay (not the one from mahabharat) had discussion on the basic questions which science has not been able to answer yet. questions like - what happens after death e.g.? we discussed about kriya yog and lot of meditation exercises using which we can control our breath, soul consciousness etc. it went over 3 hours with no results, so here i am putting a basic question -
1. what happens after death? 
2. do we chose our next life (parents, family etc)?
3. do we take our consciousness with us when we die?
4. being in kalyug and influenced by nears and dears, can we follow what Geeta says?
5. can we practice kriya yoga to convert ourself to pure energy (as everything in this universe is made of energy and Shiva being the supreme creator of that energy)?

there are lots of questions, lets start with the above set only ... any thoughts?

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