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Using Open Source Flash in Java

My Latest article on using open source flash in Java is out at dzone.
Please visit and learn about how we can create custom Facelets components.

The sample chart is shown below:
Saturday, December 11, 2010
Posted by Munish Gogna

Install Flash Plugin Manually in Firefox

Today I was trying to test some flash componet in Mozilla, but due to some restrictions on network I was not able to download the Mozilla plugin. I clicked the “Install Missing Plugins” button, followed the wizard, restarted Firefox, and it was still not installed. Annoying!
So here are the steps to install flash plugin manually:
download -

Once you have the file downloaded, rename the file with a .zip extension.

Next copy the following two files to: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins
  • flashplayer.xpt
  • NPSWF32.dll
If you don’t have administrator access to your machine, or you simply want to install for only your account, you can browse to the following path: %APPDATA%\Mozilla (type is Windows Run) and copy these above files in Plugins folder (create if not already exist)

Now to test whether flash plugin was installed , just type 'about:plugins' in firefox's address bar.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Posted by Munish Gogna

Using Sphinx and Java to implement free text search

This weekend I tried my hands on Sphinx and as promised I have published the article on how we can use Sphinx to perform free text search using Java API. If you have time and have some interest in that area, please visit dZone site, I have just published the article so its not moderated yet, will let you know once it will be available on the home page of java dzone :)
Thursday, December 2, 2010
Posted by Munish Gogna

Free Text Search in Java using SPHINX

Folks my next article will be based on Sphinx (free text search using Sphinx and Java), please let me know what ingredients you would like to have in that article? I plan to cover: 
1. What is sphinx? 
2. vs Lucene 
3. Installing Sphinx 
4. Using Sphinx in Java to handle free text search. 
5. Working Code well that's all....

The examples would be based on Orders search for payment, equities or any other domain. 
Do you have any piece of code that you want to perform search on? Come one let's do it together then. 
Posted by Munish Gogna

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